Friday, 9 December 2011


Due to the sudden and awful circumstances that my dear Granddad passed way in there is not much to physically hold or treasure, no artifacts, no reminiscent jumper, no old bongo which he used to play...all gone in ashes to ashes and dust to dust you might say. But no I'm not sad because I have nothing to hold, my Granddad brought me up in such away that I know these "keep sakes" are not as important as the TIME spent.

We lived together for 4 years after my lovely Nana died. I am truly blessed that I had the pleasure of knowing, living with and being loved by such a great grand man. My family and I have the most amazing memories. Gladstone is remembered for: being one of the most photographed granddads due to his striking stature, his musical talents, his position as a leader in the black community (60's-70's+), his teaching as a Rastaman, his generosity and kindest to strangers, and as a brilliant family man - he had been there for me from day one.

Today and always I am thankful for all he taught me and the all the TIME we spent together.