Thursday, 15 January 2009


  1. To the family of Mr Sledge as l called him please accept my condolences on learning of his passing. Unfortunateley for me l was unable to make it too the funeral as l was in hospital at the time. But my thoughts and prayers where with him.
    You see l am now 61 years old, and l first met Mr Sledge when l attended Oxford Gardens school in the 1950's. Where his eldest daughter Sonia Ried attended also. Bearing in mind this was the 1950's and me being a little white girl l used to visit Mr Sledge's home with Sonia when they used to live at the back of the school. l think it was called Clarendon Road then, so much has changed around Notting Hill now compared too how it was way back then.
    Sonia had another sister called Paulette who sadly passed away at a young age l remember.
    l wonder does Sonia remember me, l heard that she had gone to Australia. My name is Janet Brown.
    l remember Sonia used to sing to the class about "Kingston Town".
    l still live in London and not far from Ladbroke Grove and would often see Mr Sledge, and he still remembered me after all these years.
    l am so saddened at his passing and that l never got too say goodbye to the very first blackman l met 50 years ago.


  2. Thank you to all kind sisters, brothers, community, and family, who still stand firm and post kind words of condolences, and continuous support after six years. Candy.
    Sledge family send you positive vibrations.
    Ras-spect in every aspect.

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